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The Veneto Region: a land rich in nature and culture

The Wellness Centre: the beauty centre of Abano

The Mioni Hotel is the ideal place for rediscovering your psychophysical equilibrium right away. The ultra-modern wellness centre has been created to satisfy the most varied needs and has been equipped with all the most innovative and modern services. Without going anywhere else you will have at your disposal: the Spa, thermal treatments, wellness centre, aesthetics centre, fitness room, thermal pools and much more. Choosing the Mioni Hotel for your vacation is almost like landing on an island of wellness, far from stress and equipped with all the most modern services currently available.

Individual itineraries for reaching the source of wellness

The mud baths and thermal springs water in this ancient volcanic area flow naturally from the bowels of the earth, but the Mioni Hotel can offer you true wellness itineraries articulated through the coherently integrated services to provide you with a unique experience.

Our team is made up of people enthusiastic about and expert in their work who are at your disposal to give you precious advice for choosing the solution that’s right for you. Immerse yourself in the suspended and relaxing atmosphere in a wellness centre able to give you a complete sensorial experience. Discover all the services that Mioni Hotel can offer you so that you may fully enjoy the time that you have chosen to dedicate to yourself.

Discover all of our SPA services:

Sauna. The relaxing action of heat combined with the cleansing strength of water vapour. A sure remedy for stress and a way of purifying your body of all the polluting   elements which are eliminated through sweating.

Jacuzzi. The massaging action of the water jets has numerous positive effects on the body, like renewed tonicity and elasticity for your skin, as well as an overall feeling of well-being. Positive effects to which can be added those of thermal springs water.

Heated bench. An elegant surface which you can sit on, heated up to a temperature that is ideal for adding to efficacious relaxation.

Kneipp treatment. A method with great curing effects that makes use of alternating jets of water at different temperatures. This method is able to bring back vigour and pervasiveness to blood circulation, deeply oxygenating the tissues.

Tropical rain and cold fog. Toning and regenerating the tissues. Cold fog is obtained thanks to special showers that combine cold air and water with chromo therapy using the color blue. Instead, the tropical rain is made up of warm water and tropical essences distributed in combination with orange chromo therapy and a light hydro massaging action.

Fitness area with personal trainer. Get back in shape through physical activity attentively studied to meet your needs. A true professional will be at your disposal to guide you in the programme most suitable to your abilities.

Thermarium. A highly-efficacious treatment for its toning and relaxation properties. Immersion in an environment with a high percentage of humidity - around 90% - and heated to 45°, it’s the best way to combat stress and tension.

Aromarium. The use of essences with a therapeutic aim is ancient and found in every civilization. The influx of odours on the central nervous system produces noteworthy curative effects capable of positively influencing physical, mental and spiritual processes.

Relaxation and herbal tea area. A neutral area ideal for having a chat, perhaps while sipping on one of the numerous herbal teas to choose from.

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