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SG Mioni Royal San // Giove restaurant

Dining with Italy

The Giove restaurant is located on the facility’s ground floor in a large and elegant room. Morning breakfasts, lunches and dinners are held here. The à la carte offer designed by chef Stefano Vitartali combines Italian tradition with modern reinterpretations. The products used in the kitchen come almost entirely from local farms and wineries, which the Mioni Royal San hotel is pleased to support, giving them an international showcase. The restaurant is characterised by a modern, elegant design and attentive and discreet service.

A glass of memories

A good wine can make an entire culinary experience unforgettable. The hotel’s maître sommelier guides guests on a journey to the Euganean Hills, where renowned wineries have been growing grapes envied all over the world for generations. The goal is to fill each glass with the future memories that guests will carry with them forever.

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