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The Hotel Mioni Royal San is a renewed center of Mud -Balneoterapia agreement Asl.
Not everyone knows that being the Mud -Balneoterapia recognized by the National Health Service
you can make external (without accommodation) a cycle of mud therapy per year paying only € 50 ticket.
The proximity of Hotel Mioni Royal San to the Montegrotto station allows you to use this service in the coming day.
A thermal mud therapy cycle of at least six consecutive treatments (better if you get to 10/12) produces the following beneficial effects on the organism:
■ stimulates the production of endorphins, which increase the pain threshold (equal you bear pain better);
■ stimulates reconstitution of cartilage between the joints;
■ thanks to the heat issuing body has muscle relaxant and relaxing effect;
■ has cleansing effect because it helps to expel toxins and represents a light peeling / Beauty mask for the whole body skin.
Clinical indications to the Mud-Bath therapy:
- All forms of osteoarthritis;
- Osteoporosis;
- Rheumatic diseases outside of the phase
- Acute inflammatory;
- Articular rheumatism (id);
- Extra-articular rheumatism;
- Tendinitis;
- Fibrositis;
- Fibromyositis;
- Fibromyalgia;
- Periarthritis;
- Disk disease and outcomes of interventions for herniated discs;
- Chronic pain.
Indications for inhalation therapy spa at the spa of Abano-Montegrotto:
- Chronic rhinitis and rhinitis in general;
- Sinusitis and chronic sinusitis;
- Chronic laryngitis and / or recurrent;
- Chronic pharyngitis and / or recurrent;
- Tracheitis and tracheobronchitis chronic relapsing;
- Allergic diseases of the respiratory system;
- Chronic ear infections and / or relapsing.

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