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Our rituals


Aromatherapy, foot massage, abdominal massage and head massage.

Leave your stress at the door and indulge in a moment of pure relaxation with our welcome ritual. This ritual is rooted in the traditions of the Far East and draws on Ayurvedic influences to energise and breathe new life into the body.

50 min € 85


Invigorating caffeine scrub, body and face mask with D.O.C. mud from the Euganee thermal spas, calming thermal bath, draining massage with essential oils.

A detoxifying drainage ritual that counteracts the skin's natural ageing process thanks to the powerful properties of mud and thermal water. This soothing and relaxing ritual is the ultimate pampering experience and also has an oxygenating, purifying, revitalising and anti-ageing effect on the skin.

80 min € 120


Aromatherapy, dry body brushing, massage with softening milk extract oil, facial brushing and a nourishing mask.

During this magical ritual, the skin is exfoliated with a dry body brush with natural bristles for a lymphatic and draining effect. Your skin will also become more receptive to active ingredients. Next, an indulgent and deeply nourishing milk-vitamin massage will brighten the skin, giving it an incredible silkiness and a new-found radiance.

80 min € 140


This oil massage based on an ancient Ayurvedic technique uses a Kansa wand to stimulate the lymphatic system and target the main marma points of the face and body.

An Ayurvedic ritual promoting deep relaxation. Using a special ebony and copper wand, we stimulate the vital points of the body to restore energy and vitality. The overall benefits include muscle relaxation, deep tissue oxygenation, lymphatic drainage and a general firming of the skin.

80 min € 120

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