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SG Mioni Royal San // Bistrot Due.Zero

Poolside Bistrot.

Among spa treatments and healthy eating.

The renovated Bistrot Due.Zero, located by the pool and adjacent to the Royal Spa, is the ideal place to enjoy a break on a pleasant day at the pool or during a session of beauty or healing treatments. In this informal bistro, you can enjoy new trendy, hot and cold dishes or quick and healthy snacks, fruit and vegetables smoothies, and varied salads.

Farm-to-table quality.

All the restaurant’s dishes use local or farm-to-table products prepared directly in the kitchen of the structure led by the renowned Cooking Coach Alessandro Conte.
  • Seasonality. Three proposals a year: autumn-winter menu, spring menu, summer menu.
  • Territoriality. All the products come from Veneto.
  • Sought-after experience. The raw ingredients and the selected superfoods are treated with modern cooking techniques.

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