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Soft, gentle massages designed to relax you. It helps to reduce stress, lowers blood pressure and stimulates endorphin production, improving your mood.

25 min € 40 | 50 min € 70 | 50 min per couple € 150


Very relaxing massage that nourish the skin with the power of argan oil, rich in trace elements and vitamines such as vitamin A, E, F. This gentle massage is indeed a real trat for you skin health.

50 min € 70 | 50 min per couple € 150


A total body massage which combines slow, rhythmic movements fostering blood and lymphatic circulation. It helps the removal of toxins and liquids, muscle tension relief and toning nerve.

50 min € 70


This treatment uses manipulations and decontracting massage techniques to release muscle tension in the back and neck area whilst also working deep into the tissues.

25 min € 40


Highly effective deep tissue massage for relieving tension in the body by decontracting the muscles. It improves posture and flexibility, and helps reduce the inflammation that causes pain.

50 min € 70


Massage uses hot stones to combine the beneficial effects of thermotherapy with those of massage to give a powerful decontracting and energising effect.

80 min € 99


Craniosacral massage is an osteopathic manual therapy that targets the structures of the craniosacral system using gentle and non-invasive manipulations. This technique is rooted in the holistic philosophy that acting on certain parts of the body benefits all organs and the mind.

50 min € 75 | 80 min € 99


Traditional Thai massage, performed on the ground without oil, with the recipient dressed in comfortable clothing. It increases blood circulation, promotes the release of toxins from cells and releases energy, leaving the recipient feeling energised and refreshed.

50 min € 75 | 80 min € 99


An acupressure technique aimed at removing blockages and restoring the normal flow of ki energy to instil a state of relaxation, well-being and an improved mind-body connection.

50 min € 75 | 80 min € 99


Watsu is the hot water version of Shiatsu and thus combines the benefits of thermal water with those of the ancient Japanese medical art. The body is gently supported as it floats, creating a deep state of surrender and total relaxation. Alternating between stillness and movement, a kind of harmonious dance is performed where stretching is followed by rocking, while free movements emerge from the depths of the body.

50 min € 75 | 80 min € 99


This treatment is a fusion of different holistic disciplines blended together to create a profound sense of relaxation. The deep muscle techniques help to release muscle stiffness, especially in the back and neck, and promote deep tissue drainage and oxygenation.

50 min € 75 | 50 min per couple € 160


Sometimes also called psychosomatic massage or psychic massage, Californian massage aims to “connect” the body with the mind to improve the well-being of the whole person. This massage uses gentle manual techniques for a truly blissful experience

50 min € 75


The Lomi Lomi massage is performed with distinctive slow, deep and rhythmic strokes using the hands and forearms. It benefits the body by targeting the muscles and stimulating the lymphatic, circulatory, respiratory and digestive systems. It also relaxes the mind and spirit by targeting the nervous system, bridging the gap between body and mind.

50 min € 75


A healing technique deriving from ancient Chinese medicine which involves acupressure on specific areas of the feet. Thanks to precise stimulation of specific areas corresponding to parts of the body, physical and energetic balance is fostered.

25 min € 40 | 50 min € 75


Udwartana is a purifying treatment that uses plant powders such as chickpea flour, ginger and turmeric to eliminate excess toxins and leave the skin feeling supple and soft. This treatment includes an exfoliating massage with a scrub containing spices known to help rebalance the Ayurvedic doshas.

50 min € 75 | 80 min € 105 with Swedana


Abhyanga’s action is for the whole body, mind and spirit, restoring a balance betweenthe forces which govern the psychological, energetic, physiological and structural levels whose imbalance determines the onset of illness and malaise. Ayurvedic massage acts on the whole body using various manual techniques, stimulation and manipulation with medicated warm oils.

50 min € 75 | 80 min € 105


This combines Abhyanga massage with a final steam bath. In addition to its powerful relaxing effect, steam helps to open the skin’s pores and allow the Ayurvedic oils to penetrate the skin deep down, thus increasing its effectiveness.

50 min € 75 | 80 min € 105


During this treatment, warm cloth bags are passed over the skin along the energy channels to promote muscle relaxation. A blend of herbs and spices contained in the bags help restore muscle tone. Combined with the soothing action of Abhyanga massage, the warm therapeutic bags are highly beneficial and induce a state of deep relaxation.

50 min € 75 | 80 min € 105


A restorative and relaxing treatment that improves scalp microcirculation. It also instils a sense of relaxation and mental clarity, helps improve sleep quality and relieves tension. Particularly effective for muscle tension headaches.

25 min € 40


A long face and neck massage with final Shirodara oiling. It generates a profound state of relaxation and works on the sixth and seventh chakras, helping to rebalance your energies. The final pouring of hot oil on the third eye generates a unique emotional experience and an unforgettable feeling of wellbeing.

50 min € 75


This treatment incorporates all the advantages of abhyanga massage with the added benefits of Shirodhara for a deeper and more intense feeling of relaxation. The recipient is able to let go of all their tension and reconnect with their inner self, making this treatment a true embodiment of the Ayurvedic experience.

80 min € 105

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