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SG Mioni Royal San // Corporate Social Responsibility

Social responsibility of the SG Hotel Group.

Respect, a value to spread.

SG Hotel Group believes in the culture of environmental sustainability, in the respect of people, whether guests or collaborators and in the respect of places where the company operates. Measures have been taken in all the Group’s facilities to implement the social responsibility of the SG Hotel Group every day. Regarding the Mioni Royal San Hotel:

The facility is heated with thermal water with its own temperature of 80-82° C, producing the heat necessary for the entire complex without having to resort to the use of methane gas.
Once used for therapeutic purposes, the thermal water is again introduced into the structure facilities at a temperature still high enough (about 40°) to heat not only the hotel but also the surrounding houses (heating regulated by law).
The materials used daily in the hotel have a low environmental impact, such as the recyclable wellness bio bag.
The cosmetic lines used in the beauty treatments are 98% natural.