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SG Mioni Royal San // Safe holiday

Guidelines for a safe holiday.

How the SG Hotel Group takes care of its guests.

Inside the Mioni Royal San hotel, as well as in the other hotels of the SG Hotel Group, the health and well-being of the guests are of primary importance.

In the hotel, swimming pools and wellness centre, all the sanitisation and personal protection measures have been adopted to allow the collaborators of the structure to work safely and the guests to enjoy their holiday in complete serenity.

We carry out ozone sanitisation of the room at each departure to ensure a sanitised and safe environment for the arriving guest.
All hotel operators must respect the safety distance, which we also enforce to all who enter the facility. At the reception, there are Plexiglas dividers to protect the guest who arrives and the staff who receives.
All our staff use gloves and masks when in contact with food, during the processing and service phases. The foods are stored in absolute and rigorous compliance with stringent health and hygiene standards. We have spaced the tables in the facility’s restaurant, and breakfast is not provided as a self-service buffet but served by staff protected by plexiglass.
The temperature at the source of the thermal water of the hotel pools, together with the normal processes of filtering, chlorination and disinfection, make the pools completely safe places. The extensive spaces by the pool allow the spacing of the sunbeds and maximum privacy.
We clean and sanitise the common areas and the areas of greatest contact several times a day. Everywhere we offer sanitising liquid dispensers.
The safety standards described above follow the World Health Organization’s recommendations and the Italian Government’s regulations. It is our commitment to observe and update them. For more information contact us.